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Logo Design UK

What Is A Brand Logo

It can be all to easy to look at a lot of logos and think to yourself “surely there can’t be that much to it?” especially where some of the best are also the simplest. But a brand’s logo is one of the most essential elements of it’s identity, requiring a lot more than just a quick drawing and a photoshop session to make it work.

For UK logo designers, the pressure is on to get brand image just right if their hard work is to stand any chance of surviving the competition.

Logo Design and Brand Development

It’s safe to say that logo design and brand recognition go hand in hand, and in a fast-paced technology driven consumer market, it’s the experiences we have with a brand that make it a successful one. If we can connect to ‘it’ as we would a human friend, a relationship is formed, the tone of voice and way it looks becomes instantly recognisable to us and often triggers an emotional response.

Once this emotional connection is built and established, we put a great deal of trust into our favourite brands and probably wouldn’t think twice about choosing them over competitors when it comes to the crunch. This emotional connection allows the brand (and the very clever designer) to start influencing behaviour. After all, you want your logo and your brand to sell your products and services.

The future of logo and brand designers is no longer a simple equation of fonts and colours, instead they need to “cultivate a recognisably ‘human’ personality” and do this by integrating the vast array of technology available to them. Building a personality is key, and a fantastically designed logo will connect with people on a personal level on an almost subconscious level.

Making a Logo To Remember

You’ll likely need a range of skills sets to build a strong brand including marketeers and SEO copywriters to ensure the language used is consistent, engaging and picked up by search engines. You’ll also need someone with graphic design or web design skills (or both) to produce the perfect visualisation of what your brand is all about. But having creative flare and artistic ability are just the beginnings of a good logo designer. Getting the visuals right requires an awful lot of audience research to understand what is out there, accompanied by a vast amount of critical thinking and conceptualisation whilst completely immersing themselves into the brand to get the end result. Essentially, it is the work of the designer to recognise the personalities of the brand and its audience, understand their interaction with each other, and visualise it!

Creating Fluidity in Logo Design

When it comes to building a robust brand logo, the term ‘brand fluidity’ is a fairly important one. Advances in technology have made the marketplace something that needs to constantly mould and shape itself in order to be seen. Audience Interests, demands and experiences of a brand are changing so rapidly that brands are finding they need a logo design that can keep up.

When your thinking about logo design, here are a few tips to allow fluidity in your brand:

Identify Deep Insights Researching and creating a robust map of your customers’ experiences with your brand should give you the insights and real human knowledge you need to design brand assets that are flexible enough to withstand future change.

Be Coherent It’s thought that there could be some real benefit in moving away from the consistency to a certain extent and towards assets that are more coherently received across physical and digital realms. The idea being, interactivity between consumer and brand (or logo) is kept at a high!

Intimacy through technology Gaining a strong data-rich indication of who the people are that interact with your brand will help you understand how they do this and out you in a great place for finding technological solutions to make this even better.

How To Find The Right Logo Designer

When hiring a logo designer one of the most important things to remember is that you’re looking for someone to do a lot more that simply come up with a graphic. Alongside creative flare and artistic ability should be an impeccable understanding of your brand and knowledge to communicate ideas and rationales in a clear and accessible way.

Hiring a trusted logo designer in the UK will not only bring you confidence in your new brand image but also save you money in the long run. Graphic design is a fairly broad term and within the profession a whole host of nice areas exist. So when looking for a logo designer in the UK, be sure that they specialise in the area of brand identity and ask to see examples of previous work!

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