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I’m a Full stack developer at a Mid / Senior level, with more than 5 years of experience creating Applications & Systems ranging from database heavy systems to creating API driven Mobile & web Apps with performance and usability a top priority. My process includes DEVELOPING A METHODICAL APPROACH to any project, constantly mapping out goals and milestones to deliver work to the highest specification. The applications and systems I build are completed using only the most advanced & modern strategies in PHP , JS , PYTHON and FLUTTER . I work mainly with digital / creative agencies that have in interest in out-sourcing. I provide my clients with an easy to use CLIENT AREA , that simplifies the process of requesting quotes and invoices, project tracking, BUG MANAGEMENT & PROTOTYPING , payment tracking & secure online payments as well as account and PRODUCT MANAGEMENT . My overall skillset includes DEVELOPMENT (WEB, MOBILE & DESKTOP) , SERVER MANAGEMENT , DEPLOYMENT & VCS , DESIGN & CONSULTATION , OPTIMISATION (SECURITY, PERFORMANCE & DELIVERY). Address: 60 Ann Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3PD