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SEO Copywriter

SEO Copywriter
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What is SEO copywriting?

Your beautifully designed website is built, business is ready and raring to go but somehow you’re left wondering how to get your customers through the door. When it comes to working the search engines to your advantage a lot of it comes down to content, and well written content at that. You probably have favourite websites, ones you enjoy spending time on and others you leave after a matter of seconds. Whilst web design does play a part, one (very big) reason you keep coming back is the quality of the copy; the way that brand is speaking and connecting with you. Investing in professionally written copy ensures your website stands out from the crowd and puts it in front of the eyes that want to see it. If you’re not familiar with what SEO is, search engines such as Google love quality well written content that really connects with visitors. Professional SEO copywriters will craft informative blog articles, write inspiring web pages and SEO friendly descriptions for products, all in a tone that captures the attention of visitors and search engines alike. In short, SEO copywriting is about getting the perfect balance between increasing traffic and converting that traffic to leads, hit that sweet spot and you’re on to a winner.

It’s more than words

The ‘screen age’ is well and truly upon us, but when it comes to selling a product or service, a lot of it comes down to basic human instinct and interaction; believing we have the power to make our own decisions. The success (or failure) of the traditional ‘salesman’ can be largely down to the customers interpretation of facial cues, tone of voice and judgement of personality. When you can’t speak to someone face to face, interpreting all of these things becomes a little more tricky and so you become dependent on what you read. Done well, you should be able to gauge a feeling of the writer’s (and in turn, brand’s) personality, sense of humour and fundamentals, all of which help readers connect with the brand on a personal level. SEO copywriting really is about more than just writing words, there’s a psychology to it, something that comes pretty naturally to an SEO copywriter.

Why hire an SEO copywriter

Save yourself some pennies
An SEO copywriter will not only help make you best friends with the SERPs, but might also save you money in the paid ads you’ve been relying on to get traffic to your site. A good SEO copywriter will hone in on the customers you want to connect with, take time to understand your audience and get you well on your way to generating organic traffic.

Keeping it fresh
As someone who’s on the ball when it comes to knowing what’s out there in terms of content, you really can put your trust in an seo copywriter to keep your content and brand way ahead of your competitors. A lot of this comes from research, but some of it comes from instinct and experience. If your competitors are hot on SEO (and they will be) and you’re not overly concerned, you’ll be falling behind faster than you can keep track of.

Connecting with the distracted
It’s one thing writing for an audience sat behind a screen with the time and inclination to read what you have to say, but it’s a completely different skill trying to connect a brand with someone on the move. More and more people are viewing websites and interacting with brands via mobile devices, opening up another layer of SEO content writing that needs to be incorporated into your site. It can be tricky to get the full attention of some people, but if the tone of the piece is enough to get through to them then the work of an SEO content writer has already paid off.

Turning visitors to leads
Thinking about calls to action is quite often at the forefront of an SEO copywriters mind. Without a reason (or gentle reminder) for visitors to engage with your brand past what they’ve just read, there is a smaller chance that your content will turn a visitor to a lead. Of course there is an art to this and requires some tactical use of words; the visitor must feel they are making a choice to take the next step.

A natural with keywords
A spot-on knowledge of the keywords and phrases that search engines will adore and how to incorporate them into content, is what an SEO copywriter takes pride in. The skill comes in writing a piece that both your readers and search engines will love, neither should come at the expense of the other.

Why hire an SEO copywriter?

You could make the most beautiful hand-stitched quilted blankets in the world (if quilted blankets are your thing), but being the best isn’t enough to guarantee a sale. Your website is now not only your shop but your salesman and you’ll need some cleverly crafted words to get your proud creation at the top of the SERPs and seen by the people who want your product/ service in their life. This is where an SEO copywriter steps in.

Well written websites will always outperform those stuffed with key phrases, just because you can doesn't mean you should turn your hand to copy writing. Perfecting optimised copy that will not only make your visitors fall in love with your site, but also see a huge boost to your search engine rankings is a skill not to be underestimated.

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