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PPC Management

It’s fairly safe to say that the online world is a pretty busy place and when it comes to grabbing the direct attention of a potential customer it sometimes pays to, well, pay.

What is PPC?

PPC or pay per click, is a form of marketing, and a pretty well targeted one at that which pretty much does what it says on the tin. Advertisers place an advert or targetted piece of content in a prominent online space, and are charged each time the advert receives a click from an individual interested in what they have to say.

As any business owner will know there is an awful lot of competition out there and cutting through the online noise can prove quite a challenge. Getting someone to not only notice and visit your website but stay long enough to maintain interest is hard work. For someone to click through to your site from an advert is a sure fire way to help increase the chance of that person converting into a full blown lead, so it an be worth the spend.

The price of a click isn’t plucked out of thin air, it comes down to a finely tuned bidding system based on the collectively perceived value of the click in relation to the keywords used, chosen platforms and the audience type from which is originates. Putting a price on it isn't quite as simple as you might think.

Why Use PPC Services?

Most business owners or marketeers looking to showcase a brand spanking new ad will have first considered what their campaign goals are before looking too deeply into PPC services. These can be anything from generating leads and increasing sales to more generally boosting brand awareness, and when it comes to effective PPC management, relevance is key. With so many technological advances in all things marketing, advertisers are now able to specifically target ads in a way that just wasn't possible years ago.

Thanks to online shopping, implementing a PPC campaign is made that bit easier purely down to the fact that the advertiser behind the targeted ad already knows that its viewer has a direct and timely interest in the product being sold. All is takes is a simple click, right there in the moment, and you’re one step closer to converting a lead.

7 Steps To Managing PPC Campaigns

  1. When you’re thinking about PPC management services there are two of the main platforms used to manage PPC campaigns are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.
  2. From here you’ll be able to design your account structure and ad groups , so by this you’ll be thinking about the key themes that best describe what it is your advert is trying to sell.
  3. Its then time to research the keywords you’ll need to use in your content. If you’re unaware, keywords are basically the missing link between what it is people are searching for and the content you can provide. Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as stuffing keyword into a piece of text in order to get it noticed, search engines are smarter than that, so you’ll need to carefully select only those that are relevant.
  4. The next natural step is developing that killer ad copy, this is sometimes where the help of an SEO copywriter comes in handy. Taking a Adwords as an example, you’ll need to come up with copy that fits neatly (and effectively) with their strict requirements if you’re thinking of a text ad: Headline 1 (30 characters)
    Headline 2 (30 characters)
    Headline 3 (30 characters)
    Description 1 (90 characters)
    Description 2 (90 characters)
    Path (2) (15 characters each)
  5. Targeting is the next (and very important) step. You’ll need to think about which sort of network you want to use (search network is pretty popular), which devices you would like your ad to be targeted at and even the location of your target audience.
  6. To finish up, you’ll need to set your ad scheduling (what days and times you would like your ad to appear) the budget you need to stick to and the way you would like it to be delivered. When it comes to delivery there are generally two ways to go about it; standard, which will mean its shown fairly evenly throughout the day and accelerated, which will show the ads until the budget is up.
  7. Once your ad is out in the wide world of online and enjoying plenty of clicks as a result, you might then consider looking into some tracking, google analytics is one option here. Being able to see how well your ad performed will not only help you understand if PPC services are worthwhile but also help you make improvements next time.
Hiring a PPC Management in The UK

If managing your own PPC campaign is something you’re not overly keen on then you might want to go through a PPC management agency who will be able to take the stress out of your hands and give you the best chance at success.

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