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Do you have a question that you can't find the answer to regarding web design, development etc? With over 20 years of experience in the industry, why not ask us?

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About Pixel Puppet

Pixel Puppet started life as a UK based Web Design Company. A small one, setup by a talented graphic designer, that after working for other web design companies, decided that he was up for the challenge of starting his very own web design company. There was no special reason behind the name, only that the domain name was available and it sounded quirky! His business grew and merged into a new entity, living the Pixel Puppet brand available to turn into a niche UK Web Design Directory. Set up to support businesses looking to grow their websites and put them in touch with web designers, graphic designers, SEO experts and basically anyone that works within the digital sector and is based in the UK via the directory.

Why do this? Well, the answer is simple, the graphic designer that set up Pixel Puppet 20 years ago, now has a wealth of experience in running a successful web design company and has turned his attention to creating an online hub for sharing his experience and the experience of other digital professionals to help business in the UK grow and promote their websites. 

Pixel Puppet For Web Design Agencies & Digital Professionals

Our vision is to grow a resource that will help provide the answers to questions he desperately needed answering over the years. Pixel Puppet, at the moment is a growing directory of quality UK based companies. It ranks highly in Google for searches around ‘Web Design Directory’ and as many of the SEO experts reading this, will agree, a dofollow link from Pixel Puppet Directory will help boost rankings. So Pixel Puppet offers a do follow link back to every company that qualifies.
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Our mission is to build one of the best UK Web Design Directory online and create a thriving online community for like minded web based people.

To ensure the integrity of the directory, all submissions to Pixel Puppet are reviewed by a human for quality, originality and accuracy. You must have a UK business address to qualify.


  • Increased Exposure For Your Business.
  • SEO Optimised Categories and Location For Increased Exposure for Your Business.
  • Limited to 12 Businesses per Location To Increase Your Business Exposure.
  • A Prominent ‘Visit Page’ Button On Every Listing to Increase Click through Rates.
  • Cost Effective Advertising.
  • Qualified Referral Traffic To Your Website.
  • Google Map Data. (Helps to increase ranking of Google Places listings).
  • Submission Guidelines 

Please do not

  • Submit Unrelated Web Sites, (They will be Rejected on Sight).
  • Submit your website if you are NOT in the UK and do not have a UK address, (They will be Rejected on Sight).
  • Submit your website if you have a satelite office or a virtual office in the UK and your main office is overseas, (They will be Rejected on Sight).
  • Submit Web sites which are Under Construction or are Generally Broken in Nature.
  • Keyword Stuff your Description. 
  • Use Keyword Anchor Text. (It Will Be Edited by our Staff).
  • Submit Doorway Pages and Redirection Pages. 
  • Use Marketing Hype in Your Listings. (‘The best’, ‘The Cheapest’, ‘Number one’ and so on). 
  • Copy and Paste Your Description. (It Won’t Work!) 

Please do:

  • Take Time on Your Submission.
  • Include you Logo of your Business if paying for our Premium or Enhanced Listings
  • Write compelling, Original Content. 

We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason as well as make edits to submitted content as necessary. 

We only accept high quality web sites in the creative / design / online marketing niche.

Technical Info

  • Established and Trusted Brand (Over 20 Years).
  • Completely Bespoke UK Web Design Directory (Not a Cookie-Cutter Site Clone).
  • Full use of Micro data for Structured Data Mark-up. (This helps Google Identify the Information Held in our Listings).
  • W3C Compliant Code.
  • Static Links to Approved Web sites. (No JaveScript Redirects).
  • Thousands of Index Pages with Google and Bing.
  • Full use of Canonical Data, to help Google Crawl Our Site and Your Listing.
If you have any questions regarding our directory - please do not hesitate to email our website administrator, James on or call 01858 220 075.