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Welcome to Pixel Puppet, a UK Web Designer Directory, serving as the home for web design and digital professionals in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland & Wales.

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Our UK only Web Design Directory is a growing number of digital professionals relating to web design, so if you’re looking for a new creative direction or help with SEO, this is the place to be to find your next digital partner. Please use the search box to find professionals near you. 

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As a web design professional you will understand the importance of SEO. Well Pixel Puppet will help you gain another important high value link/s back to your website, to help improve your own website. Our trusted web design directory has been around 20 years now and we are a paid directory. We reject all businesses that register, that do not have a base in the UK - and every listing submitted is approved manually. We limit listings to just 12 per region, once fully sold you will not be able to register on our directory. And as we don't offer free any listings, we only attract those businesses that are serious about their own SEO strategy and attracting new customers. 

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All the web designers listed on our UK directory have been personally approved and are based in the UK.

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Our Pixel Puppet brand has been online for over 18 years and our UK Web Design Directory is fast becoming a recommended referer for web design companies. We are looking to expand our directory and we are offering business listings.


Here are 3 great UK Web Design companies in our directory.

Webpop Design

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Diligence Digital

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Sussex Designs

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