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As you can see we have just started our new blog, its aim is to become a free to use, online resource, written by UK based web design companies to support & provide advice to ALL UK businesses. We are currently reaching out to UK based web design companies to contribute to this blog. We will be building up this resource to help demystify app development, ecommerce, responsive & UX design, pay per click, search engine optimisation, social media, web design and development and also provide support on creating a digital strategy. So that when you are ready to commission a new website or digital project. You will have a better understanding of what you actually need. During your research on our blog you will be able to contact either the contributors or our carefully vetted web design companies in our directory, to discuss your project.

Welcome To Our Web Design Blog

We'll be blogging about all things web design related. We'll be blogging articles (all things web design related) contributed by our registered web design agencies in our uk based directory.
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How To Write A Website Brief

As with all writing it is important to remember your target audience. Web designers & developers are generally pretty intelligent people (honest!) but they will not necessarily have an understanding of your particular industry. So while there is no need to spell out every single detail you should not assume they will be familiar with any industry specific terminology or work practices.
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Writing better meta (tags)

Welcome to the first in a series of website design, SEO and content writing tips from the team at Diligence Digital. This series is intended to help the non-technical person gain an understanding of what they can do themselves to improve their website in a variety of ways in this case 'Meta-tags'.
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GDPR: what’s it all about?

Let’s start by breaking it down. The GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, and is a European regulation set by the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. Its purpose is to improve data protection for people within the European Union, through strengthening the measures that are in place.
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